About Brouwerij Huyghe

Brouwerij Huyghe is a Belgian family-owned brewery located in Melle. Currently, the fourth generation is investing in quality, sustainability and craftsmanship. All investments have allowed the brewery to reduce its (raw material) consumption and reduce its waste.

The priorities of this company are:

  • A balanced assortment with a unique palette of flavors
  • Top quality
  • Responsibility towards people and the environment

Did you know that the Krones brewing hall has a capacity of 350,000 hectoliters per year?

Cooperation with Van den Dorpe

Previously, Huyghe Brewery only drove gas-powered forklifts. That didn’t fit with their ambition to become the greenest brewery in Belgium. So Van den Dorpe studied how much they would save if they switched to electric driving. This turned out to be hugely beneficial.

After the study, Huyghe Brewery decided to completely replace their LPG machines with a new fleet of electric trucks. In addition, a battery charging room arrived, where they can easily change all batteries.

“Van den Dorpe, where a word is a word like a forklift is a forklift.”

Alain De Laet - Owner brouwerij Huyghe