About Galloo

Galloo in the port of Ghent is a hub for the international scrap trade. Every year, 900,000 tons of steel scrap are exported via Galloo to customers all over the world. Galloo is one of the leading European recycling companies. Its branches are located in Belgium, Northern France and the Netherlands. The core activity is converting ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic waste into new raw materials, which are then sold worldwide for further use.

Did you know that Galloo plays an important role in the international scrap trade and exports 850,000 tons annually to Turkey, Egypt and Asia, among others?


Galloo contacted Mantsinen through local dealer Heavy Handling, who convinced them to choose the Mantsinen telehandler. The company decided to purchase the Mantsinen 160M material handling machine to make the export terminal more efficient.

“When we expanded Galloo Gent, we needed a robust crane that could handle the heavy scrap loads. We also wanted the machine to be very flexible so that it could be easily moved around the terminal. Thirdly, the crane also had to have low operating costs “These criteria led us to choose the Mantsinen 160M,” says Lieven Neerinck.