About Goeyvaerts-R

Goeyvaerts-R was founded in Antwerp around 1950. It is a crane and handling machine rental company for ports and terminals in the Netherlands and Belgium. They rent mobile harbor cranes and handling machines on a daily-, short- and long-term basis.

Did you know that the previous generation Goeyvaerts focused on unloading barges in inland waterways, transport and trade in soil and building materials?


They have purchased several Mantsinen material handling machines
and are very satisfied with their reliability, precision and productivity.

Currently, Goeyvaerts-R has eight Mantsinen material handling machines, ranging from Mantsinen 70 to Mantsinen 300, and they hope to expand their Mantsinen fleet in the future. “Mantsinen material handling machines are very reliable and really fast with a high level of precision, a great all-round machine. Productivity is more than 10% higher than conventional transfer machines.”

“We have a very close customer relationship with Mantsinen and their local distributor Heavy Handling.
Mantsinen has always been responsive to our requirements when we have had special requests regarding software
programming or construction modifications”

Kevin Goeyvaerts - COO van Goeyvaerts R bvba