About Matrans Rotterdam

Matrans Rotterdam Terminal began as a terminal for forest products and gradually expanded into the multifunctional terminal as it is today. This terminal is part of the Matrans group and is located in the heart of European trade: the Port of Rotterdam. All their services are centered at the same location. Loading and unloading is therefore efficient and at a high level of quality.

Did you know that from Matrans Rotterdam more than 100,000 TEU containers leave for destinations all over the world?


Matrans, a new customer, was looking for a crane fast enough to load and unload 700 tons of aluminum packages, slabs, plates and blocks per year.

Heavy Handling proposed a customized crane with special and automatically controlled spreaders. In addition, the crane was also equipped with a quick-change system so that the machine can easily change between attachments. Which is not so easy with a traditional cable crane.

It was also intended that the crane could easily drive around the terminal. Because the allowed ground pressure was fairly low and our crane weighs about 1150 tons, double outriggers were added so that the pressure gauge was distributed.

So Heavy Handling brainstormed with the company to deliver the desired custom solution.

Fun fact: Worldwide, this is the first Mantsinen crane with the new generation EURO5 Volvo engine.