About Predalco

Predalco operates as a Belgian manufacturer and supplier of wide slab floors (“predals”). The name comes from a combination of ‘predal’ and ‘construction’. Through continuous investment and innovation, Predalco guarantees quality and smooth, flexible service.

Did you know that Predalco is distinguished by their 2 automatic production lines?


Predalco’s machines were in need of replacement. The company has been a customer of ours for a long time and is very satisfied with the cooperation with Heavy Handling.

The company needed new forklifts of 16-17 tons so they immediately called in Heavy Handling. Those machines will be used to lift and move the heavy plates. It was extremely important to the customer that these machines were very reliable. Because the forklifts are part of the production process. So there could be no risk of failure.

So Heavy Handling delivered 3 forklifts that were 100% reliable to perform this kind of work.