About PSA Zeebrugge

PSA Zeebrugge is part of PSA Belgium. PSA (Port of Singapore Authorities) is a global cargo trading company. Its slogan is “the world’s port of call”.

PSA Zeebrugge is the intermodal hub for the world’s largest wood and paper producers. It therefore specializes in the transshipment of forestry and paper products.

Goods arrive and depart from Zeebrugge by truck and rail. A specially adapted track allows trains to enter the warehouse directly. Here, they are unloaded and loaded.

Did you know that the terminal covers an area of 60 hectares?


Since 1999, Van den Dorpe has been supplying specially adapted forklifts. They are perfectly equipped for this type of work, namely loading and unloading ships in the terminal. These are usually roll-on-roll-off vessels but containers can also be stowed there.