Linde BlueSpot

The LED light of the Linde BlueSpotâ„¢ projects a blue warning spot on the ground. This alerts pedestrians and other truck drivers to approaching trucks. This visual solution from Linde Material Handling intuitively draws attention to moving trucks. As a result, it noticeably increases safety, both in aisles and at crosswalks where visibility is poor

Linde VertiLight

Unlike conventional headlights, the Linde VertiLight illuminates the work area over a large area, thanks to its semicircular design with a wide light band and seven ideally positioned LEDs. The LEDs distribute light evenly from the floor to the top edge of the shelf and improve visibility of the shelf, load and forks.


Linde Led Stripes

The Linde LED Stripes ensure optimum safety conditions at the front and rear of the vehicle: The two-color light strips illuminate the direction of travel of the truck with white light. If the direction of travel changes, the light color automatically changes from white to red. Pedestrians and other vehicles can thus recognize the truck’s direction of travel, even from afar – which further increases safety in warehouse traffic.

Linde TruckSpot

With the Linde TruckSpot, the forklift takes its own “warning sign” with it wherever it goes, defusing critical situations before they occur.

With the TruckSpot, Linde is setting a new standard for safety in warehouses and at visually impaired intersections. The innovative warning system uses the proven benefits of the Linde BlueSpot and adds an important feature: a large-format warning symbol with high-contrast colors to provide even more effective warning.